I am home…

I know I have gone incommunicado for what (at least to me) feels like ages and ages but I am back now.

 Before anything else, I need to say it snowed today. First time for me .. well! almost first time. I first thought kids were throwing some confetti or something from the top of a nearby building and then when a few fell on me.. I was so thrilled. I am sure the folks standing at the signal, with me, waiting to cross the road were wondering why I was looking at the sky and grinning like crazy. Oh! Who cares!


Anyways coming back to my excuses for going invisible. every time something happened I would think of how it would translate in here as a post but would not find the time to do so.

It has been an unbelievably stressful and hectic couple of months. Have worked without even weekend breaks for  almost a month. 18-20 hour days were the norm until I literally ground myself to a stop becoz my brain was a mush that was not doing anymore thinking.

Had stopped talking much to parents and actually refused friends on outings (now friends will know how extremely rare it is for me to refuse to go anywhere).


But it has not all been bad.

Wore Salwar for Diwali to work and it was fun.. considering that it has been nearly 5 months since I wore one. Some one at work had brought somewhat stale samosas, and kaaju katli and varieties of other sweets and I understood that Canadians are crazy about samosas. They loved it.

So two days later when we had another party for them we bought loads of samosas, mixtures, murukkus and just 1 sweet, coz they find our sweets to sweet and I can totally agree on that. Fun was had by all and they asked us to do this kind of stuff again. J


My shopping (and I have to say I had been keeping the Canadian economy very healthy) has reduced and has almost ground to a stop, basically because I seem to have bought out all the shops anyways 😀


For the first time I hated Canada yesterday when my housemates messed with the thermostat and the temperature dropped to 13C and the vents were blowing cold air. None of us knew how to correct it and was stuck freezing my ass off for over 10 hours huddling inside my comforter. Then some of the other housemates returned and kindly set it back upto 30C. It was now freaky hot but I was not going to complain. Oh! To have some Chennai heat!