On Audio books and Kalki…

I sure seem to be on a roll tonite… its like a dam has burst and I need to spew all my thoughts right now and I am placing the blame for that right where it should go.. on RP’s shoulders for inspiring me to start blogging again 🙂

I have never been a fan of Audio books, I mean why listen to someone read when I could read it myself. But I am a convert now. And this is all thanks to Kalki’s epic novel Ponniyin Selvan (Son of Ponni).

This is considered the epitome of Tamil fictional literature, a story of medieval Chola dynasty and a 2600 pages novel divided into 5 volumes. My sister, a lovely lady, had read out the whole novel and another one by Kalki (Parthiban Kanavu/ Parthiban’s dream) to me when I was in high school.

But as my Tamil was/is not upto the standards that I could read a story of this size in its entirety by myself, it was always a thorn in my side that I could not re-read it. I did try to read the english translation of the books.. *Shudder* the less said about that horrible experience the better!

It just so happened that my brother had a copy of the audio book of Ponniyin selvan which I took from him in the hope that I might want to read it sometime in the future.


But what a book! Once started, it refuses to let me off its hooks and the people enacting/reading it out have done such an amazing job that sometimes I am actually transported to Thanjavur and Srilanka with the different characters. I am trying to listen to the book as slowly as possible as I am worried it will get over too soon, while also trying  to find out what happens next immediately.. quite a conundrum 🙂

The best part is that I have now got my hands on audio books of the other two great Kalki novels – Parthiban Kanavu and Sivagmiyin Sabatham (Sivagami’s Oath).

While I am still not interested in English or Hindi Audio books, its double thumbs up for the Tamil ones, especially these three. 🙂


3 comments on “On Audio books and Kalki…

  1. Hmmm.. I have been putting off reading kannada books for the same fear of giving more importance to understanding the words than getting involved in the book. A cousin parceled me one and said it should get me hooked. Yet to begin though. This audio book concept sounds interesting for such books.

    As for blogging – I should have bugged you a month sooner – then I could have dragged you into the blogathon too… Feeling stupid for not doing it sooner now!

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