My Poor Poor Tamil Nadu

If it’s not one thing, its 10 others for my poor state. I cannot even call is eventful, though it sure has been, but disastrous.

It all started couple of months ago when one Monday the nation received the news that the ailing CM JJ had passed away. Only to find a little later that she had not after all died. Then some 5-6 hours later she really passed away. The poor lady’s mortal remains was surrounded by her housekeeper (HK) and the housekeeper’s family, all of whom she had hated and kept away from her during her life, while her blood relatives were kept away forcibly. And she, a practising brahmin, was buried instead of cremated, amidst much excuses.

There was already suspicions brewing that the CM had been murdered by her HK when suddenly …but wait I am getting ahead of myself.

The Monday after CM’s demise Chennai and its environs faced a super cyclone of the magnitude not seen in centuries, with winds of over 130 kmph bringing down houses and trees. [The sheer magnificence of nature at its best (or worst) was something to be seen to be believed]

Even as the state was getting itself back to normal, the HK had become the general secretary of the CM’s party, much to the irritation of the general populace.

And come New year and Pongal and there was a huge mostly peaceful protest that blew up for nowhere against the Ban on Jallikattu, which on its last day turned violent and had people scurrying home from work and schools in fear of their lives. [I was lucky to have had my brother pick me up, there were people walking 10-15 kms home that day]

As we were starting to breathe normally, two oil tankers collided near the coast of Chennai /Ennore and there was an oil slick to end all oil slicks killing the whole marine eco system near the Marina beach.

So are we done?.. of course not. Now the HK had nominated herself as the CM of TN and the actual CM had resign. This was exactly 2 months from the date of the JJ’s demise and even the governor did not want to swear her in and refused to come to Chennai until he was sure it was even legal.

While people were all praying to rid of her, the acting CM OPS has come out in the media about how he was forced to resign and insulted repeatedly by the HK’s supporters and would not support the HK in anyway just tonite.

While I am no way a political person, the happenings in Tamil Nadu in the last 2 months is enough to make anyone’s head spin.

Oh! Couple of other things that I forgot to mention

=> The honor killing of a dalit girl which has shaken the state

=> and the removal of all milestones with Tamil wordings in Coimbatore and its environ and replacement with milestones in Hindi for a PM’s visit. Really guys! you want to place Hindi milestones in Tamil Nadu, the origin of Anti-Hindi protests of 1970s? and that too at a time when the whole state is all set to explode ? So tamils being what they are, they painted all the Hindi milestones black 😛

Phew! I did mention it has just been 2 months, didn’t I? Now we are all eagerly waiting to see what next on the one hand, while wondering if the roads would be safe to travel to work tomorrow on the other.


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