As I am not politically inclined, I am not religiously inclined either. But I am a semi-practising Hindu, with the firm belief that religion is a deeply personal thing and should not be forced on anyone or ridiculed.

I have always had a great respect for atheism as its something I do not really understand. Having been brought up in a very religious and conservative family with a deep abiding interest in mythologies, religion permeates all aspects of my life and thinking. While I might not agree with all its doctrines, hinduism allows me to question anything I am not comfortable with, but the one thing I have unequivocally accepted is the existence of God. And that is why I have trouble trying to bend my mind to a concept of no God.

Why am I talking about Atheism suddenly, though? The last little while I have become, if not exactly, active in Facebook at least checking it once a week or so. I have found a few of my acquaintances associating themselves with atheism in it. Since I do not follow the fashion trends, I am not sure if this is just the latest trend or a real (dis)belief that they have.

Now what is sad is that they all seem to think bashing hinduism makes them an atheist. They are careful not to bash any other religions. I guess the relative tolerance and maturity of the oldest religion in the world, makes them feel safe to do so. And they also get a huge sense of accomplishment doing so.

A true atheist’s religion would be that he has no god. Why then feel the insecurity to show up the perceived inconsistencies in another’s religion? After all if something started 4000 years ago , should one not at least respect that there must be some aspect that made it not only survive but flourish for so long?

Anyway coming back to my point, I really wish these so called Atheists would first understand what is Atheism and then post their opinions, especially as they tempt me to reply to their idiocy but  I am forced to keep quiet owing to the level of their (in)tolerance and my own self-respect.


One comment on “Atheism

  1. I believe in God. Faceless or formless or what ever form I want in my head. And I believe religion has got nothing to do with that faith. so why argue?

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