And now something to look forward to…

After the rant fest of the last three posts, it must not be mistaken that its all gloom and doom in Sanjana’s life…

I have something quite exciting to look forward to in the near future.

A short vacation to the Andaman. Not Nicobar coz you need some permit apparently and I am taking quite a short vacay.

Having lived most of my life next to a beach one would think I would have enough of it but nooooo.. the activities available out there is keeping me tied to the computer doing more and more research and getting more and more excited.

My only regret is that I don’t know to swim, which prevents snorkelling and scuba diving and for which lack I just got soundly scolded by mom. She always kept telling me to learn swimming in Canada and I was a scaredy cat.

But there is one activity called Sea walking.. you guys look it up in Youtube, which I really hope I get to do and which would almost make up for my lack of swimming skills.

Will of course provide more info and photos once I have been to and back.. until then its toodles…. 🙂


2 comments on “And now something to look forward to…

  1. Hey! To do scuba diving you don’t need to know swimming – go do it. A collegue of mine from Chennai went a couple of years back and said it was simply awesome and she didn’t know swimming either.

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