Another day Another Year

Where is the time flying? I blink and its gone. So many changes in life. what do you I write?

Since my last post, we had this mega flood that inundated my poor Chennai and showed it up to be the gem it is. Needless to say we were worried about this year but when has nature ever been predictable, so she gave us a cyclone of mythic proportions. Trees, buses, cars, buildings falling. City again ground to a stop but Chennai is nothing if not resilient. So she was up and going in a couple of days.

We lost Jayalalitha, Balamurali krishna and a host of other stars. Donald Trump became US president-elect, showing that americans were fools again. Modi demonitized 500Rs and 1000 Rs notes and made life at India a misery again. Now he is going around crying about how folks want to kill him.. well Duh!

Personally got a JioFi router and quite thrilled about it as it allows me internet access anywhere I am and to multiple machines. Went to Gujarat for a visit. oh yuck! horribly dirty place but lovely for shopping :-D. Did so much shopping this year that I have almost crashed my own economy :-P, now have to wait for a year or two before i start again to replenish.

All in all a miserable year.. Cannot wait for 2017 to come now.

PS; Not bad .. I have improved from once in 3 years to once a year blogging