hello, am back after nearly 3 years and reading some of my older posts and comments is like meeting old friends again. The Sanjana of 3 years ago, so wide eyed and excited about life and living is so changed that it feels like a different person wrote those posts all those years back.. But so many thoughts, so many words dammed inside, wanting to break out of their constraints. This has been the longest hiatus I ever took from blogging… I remember the day I started.. It was a rainy day like today almost exactly 10 years ago when I took up blogging on a friend’s dare and never looked back. But I guess life interferes with all the best intentions and I was more interested in experiencing living rather than writing about it.

3 years! Friends lost, friends gained.. New relationships made.. Happiness, sadness, good decisions and horrible ones. I am glad through it all I still have this with me…

Welcome back Sanjana !!


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