Disgusted and Tired!

I have been reading a lot of articles with regards to the Rape and horrific murder of Jyothi in Delhi and I didnt really didnt want to write about it. It felt a lot like hitting my head on a brick wall.

But my disgust to the reaction by many men and some women would not let me keep quiet.
They all seem to be universally of the opinion that any woman who gets raped asks for it. A friend said that the rape is by itself not really a big deal, it is the girl’s murder that must be emphasized. Not a BIG DEAL?

I was asked not to be Over-emotional when I spoke against the existing mentality. When I said that it takes a woman in an indian city, to be pawed and abused on a daily basis, to understand the depth of pain that every woman faces. My words were obviously ignored and went unheard. Because after all I was being over-emotional about something that is not really related to me.

Despite my best belief against anything good coming out of this, there is a little hope in my mind that maybe, just maybe this brave girl’s death might be the catalyst that is required to make our country a safer place for women. But some of the reactions, the police treatment of the protestors and the government are trying their hardest to bludgeon that hope to death.

I have been told time and again that women just claim rape to get out of trouble. Apparently a woman can never be raped, it is always consensual. They are misusing the law (though the way police treat a victim, I am not sure why any one would want to misuse that law). I am sure there have been cases like that.. But this is like the example of Draupadi. Everytime you talk about polygamy, pat comes the reply that Draupadi had 5 husbands too. But see Draupadi is the only woman in ALL of the hindu mythologies to have more than 1 husband, while 99.9% of the men had multiple wives. She was the exception to the rule, rather than the rule itself, just like these women.

Its always the way she is dressed, the time she goes out, the company she keeps, the place she visited that are the reason for her getting abused. NEVER NEVER NEVER the perpetrator himself.He is a poor innocent guy who was enticed by her. And ofcourse how can we forget. Its all a media hype. nothing at all actually happened.

I have not said anything different or better than any of the other more erudite folks have said. But it feels good to spew out the disgust at some of my heartless countrymen.

Do any of you feel like women need to go through another freedom fight? Looks like 1947 Aug 15 was only for men. Sigh!

Note: I read this great article by a gentleman in IHM, that says maybe all is not lost.


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