Every apartment and house that I have visited here has some plants growing on pots, creeping up walls, whatever.

Even the pig sty where I spent couple of months had some plants which the gals diligently watered.


My friends get so much pleasure buying all these cute pots and bottles to stick plants into and paintings and pictures and stickers for their walls.


Me! The only thing I got for my room was a sticky hook from which to hang my coat 😛


Of course being a lazy person helps. Plants require water and to be correctly placed for Sun. Wall hangings need to be dusted and kept clean.


Even my room back in Chennai only has a couple of poster that are stuck to the wall and does not require any dusting. Oh! And a temperamental clock, which does not like to be touched and runs fast or slow based on the weather, but hardly ever shows the right time


While I really do have a lost of respect for my friends’ interest in beautifying their abodes. They don’t really do anything for me. Give me body decorations to house decorations anytime!


And now its Christmas time and the whole town is getting decorated. My office lobby and actually all the office lobbies in this area are twinkling with lights and pine trees.

The path also looks ever so pretty. Been wanting to take photos of it, but feel a little awkward doing it by myself.

Guess I will have to pull VA or TJ along with me. Will take photos and upload soon… 


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