English Vinglish

Loved the movie. Saw it twice already. Became a fan of Sridevi all over again.

There were three things in the movie that really struck me

1. The way husbands put down their wives and never realize that it hurts their sensitivities. I don’t know if wives do the same to husbands but I have never seen one do so in front of me. Starting with my own family, to friends’ and relatives’ families, I see so many examples of the way husbands make “jokes” about the wives that subtly and not so subtly puts them down. Comparison with other ladies, teasing about their lack of knowledge or talent etc. I have wondered if its because they are totally without any idea of how its hurting their wives or because they know their wives will not retaliate in front of others and so don’t care.

2. Mom has always felt that her English was not good enough. I have never been very sensitive to her feelings in this regard, since I never felt it was any big lack in her. But Sridevi has done a wonderful job of showcasing it.
She asks her daughter’s English teacher if her daughter is doing well in English and that scene reminded me of my mom’s desire for me to learn the language well. [I called mom after seeing the movie and asked her if I had ever been as much a snot as Sridevi’s daughter 😛 ]
It was also especially an interesting time for me to see this movie, since I was chatting with my house mates just yesterday on this subject. They are from Iran, Germany and Taiwan and they find communicating in this country very difficult. They think in their mother language and then convert it into English, by which time the words fail them.

3. Sridevi says “I am not looking for love, I am looking for some respect”. The respect of the people around a person makes or breaks their self confidence. I have especially seen that the support and respect from one’s spouse is of paramount importance and next comes the children. Sridevi thanks Laurent for making her feel good about herself at the end of the movie and it makes her husband sit up and notice. But this is a movie… how many women have a Laurent in their lives to make them feel good, in reality?



4. OK not three things, but four.. speaking of Laurent:- Considered one of the 11 most exciting European actors, according to Wikipedia. Mehdi Nebbou is ever so cute as Laurent, the French cook. The movie can be watched as much for him as for Sridevi’s understated and spot on acting 🙂 . I only wish I understood what he keeps saying in french 😦

If you have not seen the movie yet. What are you waiting for? Go… Watch!


3 comments on “English Vinglish

  1. JustMeMike says:

    I hope to see this in Amsterdam , Netherlands this weekend.

  2. Tamanna says:

    I loved the movie too, and waiting now to watch it again in the weekend. Totally true! We used to tease mom about her saying paarak(park) etc, I felt bad about myself. She is singlehandedly responsible for whatever I am today. And totally agree about Mehdi Nebou. He is delicious !!

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