What a week!

Started last Friday, the 21st, with shopping at the famour Eaton Center, a very pretty shirt and pair of pants. followed by a much required visit to the beauty parlour the next day.

VA was probably sick and tired of seeing my face but she still invited me home again for the weekend.
And on 23rd evening, walked down the road to LCBO in the rain in our new wellington boots (atlast!) only to see it was closed :-).
I got to eat my first home made pizza and muffins.. made just for me .. and how cool is that? ūüôā

Before I could float down from my cloud VA inundated me with gifts..
24th I got a cookiegram from Bro. A 20 inches cookie wishing me. It was soo yummy, you must have eaten it to believe it. I ate and ate and ate and still had a lot left over to give to all my friends and their families.

The week then passed in a blink of an eye and it was time to pack and move.
From a high rise, posh building with concierge  right smack in downtown, next to the CN tower and Rogers Center to this obscure little wooden house. Its a small room but I have it all to myself.
Yet to unpack.. ‘coz on¬†Sunday¬† unlike any sane person who would have relaxed and unpacked.. I went on a drive down to Algonquin provincial park to see the fall¬†color¬†.. and That, my dear people, will be my next post!!!




First Home made pizza that I ever saw.. and All for ME!!!!








Home made brownie



Cookiegram from Bro


New wellies that I got for a steal!


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