Pati … Parameshwar?

Does a woman need to get permission from her husband to buy things? Does it not sound horrible to even hear? She is not a child who requires the big man to take responsibility. She knows very well what she needs and can buy it herself, thank you!!!

She has been making her own decisions all her life but now that she is married, she has to call her husband who is 8500 miles away, to get permission to go out with friends. And when he refuses to give his permission, she stays back while her whole team goes on to have a gala time. Really!! Would a husband think of getting his wife’s permission before going out to have fun?

She has given up her career to take care of his child and moved away from all near and dear ones. She is bored to death living alone with a child in a strange country, while he is out to work. But understands that she has to support her husband as this is a critical time in his career and sacrifices her aspirations and hope for his. When the same wife goes shopping with her friends and wants to buy dresses or cosmetics she has to get permission from her husband and most times he refuses to give her permission. Instead he will get it for her, if he likes it too. Get it for her? Why? does she not have likes, dislikes and a life apart from him? Is he the master who doles out her ration of goodies? Does the vice versa hold true? Why is he not able to handle the child all by himself when she is out? Why does it not strike him to get his wife’s opinion while buying his stuff?

Do they really not understand the kind of resentment that their behaviour triggers in the mind of the ladies? Can a person live with someone who expects to be treated like a master instead of an equal?

Apparently I am not the only person frustrated with this dictatorial behaviour that is still the norm. It does my heart good to read the articles in IHM. As one of her regular commentators said, every man should read atleast 20 posts in IHM’s blog before they get married, so they know how women feel.


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