It’s TIFF all the way here in Toronto. I live right amidst all the functions, premiers and hospitality groups hosting the big wigs from the film industry. Its good to see all the folks waiting outside the Ritz Carlton, everyday since TIFF started, to see a glimpse of their favorites.

Since I keep passing it back and forth, I peek in too. But I either (a) get distracted by the beautiful cars and miss the person or (b) Don’t recognize the person at all.


Yesterday Shriya Saran, Siddharth and other cast and crew of Deepa Mehta’s Midnight Children of Salman Rushdie’s fame walked the red carpet and I missed it because I was busy having fun at the Toronto Islands. (and what a pretty pretty place it is. Remember S B Eswaren’s paintings of landscapes and his daughter’s too. It was like I was seeing his paintings. A side note here to brag that his daughter was my senior in school .. hehehe)


But its still such a thrill to see the Roy Thomson Hall and Ritz hotel that I pass everyday decked and star studded.


A friend has promised to get me tickets for English Vinglish premier at 40% off. Looking forward to it. Maybe I am expecting too much from the movie and I will be disappointed, but the expectation build up itself is half the thrill, is it not?


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