Good and not so good

Got my brand new camera, a pretty blue Sony with all these big thingamajicks and configuration that makes my head spin. Can’t wait to handle it. Wanted to take it to my Quebec trip.. but it didn’t reach me until today.. Yayy!!!


Signed lease and paid advance for renting this new room starting October. A small cozy room all to myself. (*Touch wood* not to jinx myself.. I desperately hope this place will be better than the one I am in right now) A huge burden off my shoulders. Now I just have to worry about getting thro this month bitten by bed bugs and then I am home free (pun intended J). In a way that’s not fair.. since this month is special to me. But still Yayyy!!!!


I am yet to meet any of my 6 new housemates. Went there twice and have not seen any of them. Kinda makes me suspicious. I mean, what if they are vampires, aliens, undercover agents or terrorists? Am I being over cautious? Maybe! But once bitten (well! daily bitten actually) and twice shy.. hmm!


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