The month past

It has been a weird month that I have had. Ups and downs galore!

Got conned into renting in a bed bug infested dump until end of this month, I try to stay out as much as possible and when not possible quietly give up my blood to the now healthy and plump bed bugs, after all I have paid to be bitten by them 🙂

Shopped and shopped and shopped until … oh well! I can shop some more. Been wearing all these weather inappropriate dresses and either am too cold or too hot…but having loads of fun trying them on to mind.

Getting stuff that are India appropriate is tougher than weather appropriate. Got these lovely rain boots or wellies as these good folks call it and am looking forward for a good nice rain to wear it in. They are just sooo cool.

But the best part is yet to come. Have been up the CN Tower, walked the halls of the RoyalOntarioMuseum, Visited the zoo, had a gala birthday party for a friend, learnt nothing but that it’s a bore in the Ontario science museum, had fun at the Indian independence day celebration at Dundas square.

Am I done yet? No way.. A special post coming up for the Niagara falls. I travelled 8500 miles to see this place and I was not disappointed.. not one bit 🙂 What a beauty! What power! As I was telling RJ and VA, if I am sent back home right now, I am happy! First time a place in North America actually met up to and exceeded expectation.

Went right by the lions and giraffes at the African lion safari. And was charmed off my socks by the romance and music of the Old Québec city. God! I loved that place.

Searching for a place to rent in between all the hectic siteseeing.

But amidst all that it comes back to people people and people. If I am writing a lot about the lovely folks I have been meeting here (yes, despite the con artists) it’s still not enough. 🙂

Oh well! More on the places in the forth coming posts.. Ciao!



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