Old Quebec City

It was a pleasant evening just this side of nippy, but not cold enough to take away from the beauty of the dream I was in. There was music and romance dripping in the atmosphere. Every street corner had someone playing an instrument or singing.

Everything was in French, but that only added to the romance. There was a dreamy air to the old beautiful cobbled roads and no one seemed to be in any hurry to do anything but listen to the music, hug their loved one and burst into an impromptu dance.  Young and old, none seemed inured to the charm of the place.

The horse drawn carts seemed more in tune than the fast cars zipping down the roads… but even they seemed to be in no hurry to go anywhere.

Where would you want to go when you were in this little slice of heaven on earth?

Pretty houses, pretty shops, prettier people, paintings on walls, old world charm, this could be Switzerland or Paris but what it was, was the Old Quebec city.

VA and I walked and walked around the place wide eyed and feeling blessed, the churches oh god!!!! And then we picnicked near the St. Lawrence river and seeing a wedding celebration. Gawked at the handsome street singer who seemed to have a smile for everyone. And finally just sat and soaked the atmosphere at this street corner where an old gentleman sang to the people and the couples waltzed.

We sat there until the cold at last forced us into walking back towards our hotel.. only to fall more thoroughly in love with the place. There was even a Madonna concert happening round the corner (way over our budget, but we enjoyed the decorations and thrum of energy there)

It all started early last Saturday morning when I was on this bus tour the last weekend to Old Québec city and Mont Tremblant village. I had all these misgivings about having chosen it. Maybe I should have chosen the other package that would take me through 5 places in 3 days. Yes! Most folks who had chosen it had not enjoyed themselves… but still.. hmm!.

It was a long 9 hours journey interspersed with so many washroom breaks that I even joked to VA that the most remembered part of our journey would be the different washrooms we visited.

Boy! Was I wrong… What a beautiful place Quebec city turned out to be. It was with a heavy heart we left there to go to this lovely Basilica, the first one in Canada apparently. It was St.Anne, who is Jesus’ grandma.  Then on to the St.AnneCanyon for a brisk walk around a lovely waterfalls and on to the Mont Tremblant village (which will be covered in the next post)….


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