Mont Tremblant Village and more

Think of a picture post card of any European resort village and you will be thinking of the Mont Tremblant village. A pedestrian village of cobbled stones, resorts, restaurants and souvenir shops all cleverly disguised to blend into the colorful chaos that made it so enjoyable. They had gondolas that would take us up the mountain to the casinos or just up and down as we pleased.

A kind lady with whom we shared the Gondola gave us a brochure and told us to go attend the classical music concert by Angèle Dubeau. Being the plebian that I was, I did not realize the treat I was in for.

It was a Music De Fete organized by the village to attract the tourists and the whole yard was packed to the shafters, but you could have heard a pin drop in the silence that followed the lady and her all-female string ensemble, La Pietà, playing.

My arms ached from clapping and I was ever so glad for having had this unforeseen opportunity to hear a person of her repute.

This hotel that the tour put us up was like a rustic wooden lodge with its own fire place and kitchen. We made dinner and enjoyed it with friends made during the tour.

We had to leave early and though we badly wanted to go up the mountain to see the sun rise, we had to give it a miss.

And finally we reached the UpperCanadianVillage, this is similar to Dakshin Chitra in Chennai, except that the concept is that of a CanadianVillage time frozen in 1860s. They have actors dresses in the ensemble of that time explaining the workings of the village, horse drawn carts and boats.

Blessed with the perfect weather we visited all the different houses in the village, from that of the Farmer Louck, Lutheran Pastor, Tenant Farm, School house, Saw mill, bakery and even the pig sty (with a real pig enjoying itself) for two hours, before it was time to return back home and work.


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