I am a Woman!

It’s so liberating.

I took me sometime to realize what was happening (or not) around me, but when I caught on, I wanted to fly.

I am a woman from India, so, obviously, conditioned to feel ashamed of her gender and  her body and hide as much of it as possible to safe guard from possible pawing, leering and any kind of abuse from any tom, dick or harry who felt the need to pass his time.

I am a woman from India, a play thing really! Any man could decide what I can or cannot wear, else he is fully in his rights to throw acid on me and get applauded for his masculinity and his efforts to save the Indian culture.

And worse I am plump, so that means not only am I a play thing, but also a thing with no sensitivity.

Coming from this lovely place, it took me sometime to realize no one really cared who I am or how I was dressed. To maintain my pace when I cross a group of men (and not rush to get by them) because they had better things to do than be abusive.

I could wear dresses that actually show cleavage or that fit me well and not feel ashamed of my body or compelled to cover everything but my eyes. Either no one bothered to look at all or they looked up appreciatively. No one felt the need to paw me up or leer at me.

I have smiled and smiled since I realized this. I was in a land where I had no need to be ashamed of my feminity but actually enjoy it. What a concept! 🙂


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