Pati … Parameshwar?

Does a woman need to get permission from her husband to buy things? Does it not sound horrible to even hear? She is not a child who requires the big man to take responsibility. She knows very well what she needs and can buy it herself, thank you!!!

She has been making her own decisions all her life but now that she is married, she has to call her husband who is 8500 miles away, to get permission to go out with friends. And when he refuses to give his permission, she stays back while her whole team goes on to have a gala time. Really!! Would a husband think of getting his wife’s permission before going out to have fun?

She has given up her career to take care of his child and moved away from all near and dear ones. She is bored to death living alone with a child in a strange country, while he is out to work. But understands that she has to support her husband as this is a critical time in his career and sacrifices her aspirations and hope for his. When the same wife goes shopping with her friends and wants to buy dresses or cosmetics she has to get permission from her husband and most times he refuses to give her permission. Instead he will get it for her, if he likes it too. Get it for her? Why? does she not have likes, dislikes and a life apart from him? Is he the master who doles out her ration of goodies? Does the vice versa hold true? Why is he not able to handle the child all by himself when she is out? Why does it not strike him to get his wife’s opinion while buying his stuff?

Do they really not understand the kind of resentment that their behaviour triggers in the mind of the ladies? Can a person live with someone who expects to be treated like a master instead of an equal?

Apparently I am not the only person frustrated with this dictatorial behaviour that is still the norm. It does my heart good to read the articles in IHM. As one of her regular commentators said, every man should read atleast 20 posts in IHM’s blog before they get married, so they know how women feel.


Jodi Breakers


What a lousy movie! It was so artificial and neither of the actors were with the movie.


Forget about Chemistry between the lead pair.. there was no physics. maths, biology or anything else.


I felt like I was seeing a school drama where the kids mug the lines to blather it out on the stage.


I mean what kinda idiot would put a hottie like Bipasha Basu with Madhavan? Gawd!


It’s TIFF all the way here in Toronto. I live right amidst all the functions, premiers and hospitality groups hosting the big wigs from the film industry. Its good to see all the folks waiting outside the Ritz Carlton, everyday since TIFF started, to see a glimpse of their favorites.

Since I keep passing it back and forth, I peek in too. But I either (a) get distracted by the beautiful cars and miss the person or (b) Don’t recognize the person at all.


Yesterday Shriya Saran, Siddharth and other cast and crew of Deepa Mehta’s Midnight Children of Salman Rushdie’s fame walked the red carpet and I missed it because I was busy having fun at the Toronto Islands. (and what a pretty pretty place it is. Remember S B Eswaren’s paintings of landscapes and his daughter’s too. It was like I was seeing his paintings. A side note here to brag that his daughter was my senior in school .. hehehe)


But its still such a thrill to see the Roy Thomson Hall and Ritz hotel that I pass everyday decked and star studded.


A friend has promised to get me tickets for English Vinglish premier at 40% off. Looking forward to it. Maybe I am expecting too much from the movie and I will be disappointed, but the expectation build up itself is half the thrill, is it not?

New addition to the family.

Despite my concerted effort against it, our little family is growing. We have added a new species.. errr member to out family here.. The Fly!!!

So we now have humans, fungi, bed bugs, small cockroaches and a whole host of flies.

I am next waiting for a pig and our family will be complete 😀


… oh! wait maybe we already have a couple of the two legged variety! 😛

Good and not so good

Got my brand new camera, a pretty blue Sony with all these big thingamajicks and configuration that makes my head spin. Can’t wait to handle it. Wanted to take it to my Quebec trip.. but it didn’t reach me until today.. Yayy!!!


Signed lease and paid advance for renting this new room starting October. A small cozy room all to myself. (*Touch wood* not to jinx myself.. I desperately hope this place will be better than the one I am in right now) A huge burden off my shoulders. Now I just have to worry about getting thro this month bitten by bed bugs and then I am home free (pun intended J). In a way that’s not fair.. since this month is special to me. But still Yayyy!!!!


I am yet to meet any of my 6 new housemates. Went there twice and have not seen any of them. Kinda makes me suspicious. I mean, what if they are vampires, aliens, undercover agents or terrorists? Am I being over cautious? Maybe! But once bitten (well! daily bitten actually) and twice shy.. hmm!

Mont Tremblant Village and more

Think of a picture post card of any European resort village and you will be thinking of the Mont Tremblant village. A pedestrian village of cobbled stones, resorts, restaurants and souvenir shops all cleverly disguised to blend into the colorful chaos that made it so enjoyable. They had gondolas that would take us up the mountain to the casinos or just up and down as we pleased.

A kind lady with whom we shared the Gondola gave us a brochure and told us to go attend the classical music concert by Angèle Dubeau. Being the plebian that I was, I did not realize the treat I was in for.

It was a Music De Fete organized by the village to attract the tourists and the whole yard was packed to the shafters, but you could have heard a pin drop in the silence that followed the lady and her all-female string ensemble, La Pietà, playing.

My arms ached from clapping and I was ever so glad for having had this unforeseen opportunity to hear a person of her repute.

This hotel that the tour put us up was like a rustic wooden lodge with its own fire place and kitchen. We made dinner and enjoyed it with friends made during the tour.

We had to leave early and though we badly wanted to go up the mountain to see the sun rise, we had to give it a miss.

And finally we reached the UpperCanadianVillage, this is similar to Dakshin Chitra in Chennai, except that the concept is that of a CanadianVillage time frozen in 1860s. They have actors dresses in the ensemble of that time explaining the workings of the village, horse drawn carts and boats.

Blessed with the perfect weather we visited all the different houses in the village, from that of the Farmer Louck, Lutheran Pastor, Tenant Farm, School house, Saw mill, bakery and even the pig sty (with a real pig enjoying itself) for two hours, before it was time to return back home and work.

Old Quebec City

It was a pleasant evening just this side of nippy, but not cold enough to take away from the beauty of the dream I was in. There was music and romance dripping in the atmosphere. Every street corner had someone playing an instrument or singing.

Everything was in French, but that only added to the romance. There was a dreamy air to the old beautiful cobbled roads and no one seemed to be in any hurry to do anything but listen to the music, hug their loved one and burst into an impromptu dance.  Young and old, none seemed inured to the charm of the place.

The horse drawn carts seemed more in tune than the fast cars zipping down the roads… but even they seemed to be in no hurry to go anywhere.

Where would you want to go when you were in this little slice of heaven on earth?

Pretty houses, pretty shops, prettier people, paintings on walls, old world charm, this could be Switzerland or Paris but what it was, was the Old Quebec city.

VA and I walked and walked around the place wide eyed and feeling blessed, the churches oh god!!!! And then we picnicked near the St. Lawrence river and seeing a wedding celebration. Gawked at the handsome street singer who seemed to have a smile for everyone. And finally just sat and soaked the atmosphere at this street corner where an old gentleman sang to the people and the couples waltzed.

We sat there until the cold at last forced us into walking back towards our hotel.. only to fall more thoroughly in love with the place. There was even a Madonna concert happening round the corner (way over our budget, but we enjoyed the decorations and thrum of energy there)

It all started early last Saturday morning when I was on this bus tour the last weekend to Old Québec city and Mont Tremblant village. I had all these misgivings about having chosen it. Maybe I should have chosen the other package that would take me through 5 places in 3 days. Yes! Most folks who had chosen it had not enjoyed themselves… but still.. hmm!.

It was a long 9 hours journey interspersed with so many washroom breaks that I even joked to VA that the most remembered part of our journey would be the different washrooms we visited.

Boy! Was I wrong… What a beautiful place Quebec city turned out to be. It was with a heavy heart we left there to go to this lovely Basilica, the first one in Canada apparently. It was St.Anne, who is Jesus’ grandma.  Then on to the St.AnneCanyon for a brisk walk around a lovely waterfalls and on to the Mont Tremblant village (which will be covered in the next post)….