From the Camera in my eyes

Cute Doggie on a Walk

Have you ever felt that your eyes were camera and your brain the memory card with very less storage capacity?

I see so much beauty around me that some times I just want to stand and stare.

I do not know if I will be able to capture this particular facet of beauty, even if I had a camera with me at that moment. After all the perception comes from the brain.

Went walking with this very  nice lady client to a nearby market and saw this pretty triangular church with green roof nestled amongst the huge high rises of downtown like a small pearl in an oyster

Just a little bit away was this cute little park with  couples enjoying the sun, yuppies eating their lunch and breathing in the warm air, kids playing.. all this amidst the hurry-burry of the downtown of this amazing city.

The more I see the less I seem to have seen. Does that make sense? I have been realizing how much I am missing by only scurrying to work and home and the few shops around.

This city is like an onion. So many layers to it. There is the fast paced world and the romantic one by the lakes and parks.
There is that pretty girl lying by the lake under a shadowy tree reading a book and The suited and chic lady in high heels and briefcase hurrying to some meeting. There are

Harbour Front on a weekend

the toddlers going to their play pen from school catching a rope..chattering away to glory and the stucatto of computer keys.
You probably find this kind of stuff in all cities, but all of it in the same time and place? I doubt!

Last weekend when I was sitting enjoying the breeze on the shores of Lake Ontario, I saw this elderly Chinese gentleman playing Santoor and with such profiency for no purpose other than enjoyment, this clown blowing balloons and giving it off to children for free. So many middle-aged ladies all dressed prettily in pink and white carrying pink and white flowers, probably from a nearby convention.
And this elderly couple, so at peace with themselves and the world. Arm around each other and smiling at the world.

But what I feel is so beautiful today might be a scene I take for granted tomorrow or worst that got overwritten by things of more importance at that time.

Oh! to be able to Capture it all for posterity


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