The first month in Canada

Wow! I have completed a full month in this country. Who woulda thunk?! I would not call it a fast month but it sure has been a full one.

Settling down with some difficulty as its taking me time to get used to sharing an apartment.

Some of the prettiest things I saw here includes the city hall area in downtown Toronto. Its sooo pretty and I miss having my camera that much more , but for now I am making do with my Mobile.

This place is such a lovely mix of old world charm and new world technology.
You get to see this gem of a church right amidst all the towering high rises or a turn of the century building lovingly maintained.
I did hear that many of the olden structures are getting demolished to pave way for newer, taller ones.. which is just sad considering the sheer amount of land available uninhabited in this country

Also I live just by the CN Towers and the charm for it never seems to fade. They put on such pretty colored lights at night. I am waiting to see on Aug 15th when they apparently light it up in the indian tri-colour.

Went to this brewery last weekend and tasted beer for the first time.It totally met my expectations. Yuck! I dont know why anyone would want to drink that filthy stuff.

The Rogers centre (which is lighted this pretty blue light and is used for the IIFA awards and such) is the place to be around a baseball match. Woohoo! I thought I was back in T-Nagar at home 🙂 I didnt realize there were so many folks in Toronto until then

I have always lived near a huge water mass and this time is no different, I live by the Lake Ontario, the same one Niagara feeds to. And its very huge and beautiful but (the canadians might just lynch me for this) its just not the same as a beach.

As I have said before, I have met some great folks and had some fun times and everything should be hunky dory except that I am missing home and folks so badly.

Atleast in LA I was able to cry and then feel good. Now it just chokes me up so that I feel like I am walking around with this huge stone right on my throat and heart.
Its also teaching me how lucky I am to have such a family. 🙂

On the lighter side, got a long weekend coming up and my friends are driving me crazy with their indecision on what to do.

Meet you on the other side of the weekend ..hopefully with some great adventures to report


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