The week that was

Home for the foreseeable future is almost right below the CN Towers. Its slightly cramped, more than slightly dirty.. but like Juhi sez  “Teda hai par mera hai”. I will probably end up doing all the cleaning.. the clean freak that I am.

It was a quiet week with small accomplishments and new friends. Went down the underground concourse to the eatery and came back without losing my way and had a nice glow going for 2 days.

[There is 16 KM sq area under downtown Toronto which is filled with paths and shops and subway trains etc. Its almost a city by itself and very easy to get lost. It also goes three to four floors under the ground. Its great fun]
Found an apartment to stay and moved into it.

Friends have been soooooooooooooooo kind to me that I am totally overwhelmed. A lady who I had met hardly 10 days ago, kindly took me home for dinner and fed me so much indian food that I nearly burst. And what exotic ones.. even for me *Yumm*.

RJ took me out the whole day yesterday shopping stuff for me to move in. Others have been showing me how to go to places

Trying to pass on the Karma by helping out folks who came in later than I

I once told RJ that strangers are friends that I am yet to meet, and *touch wood* it has been coming true for me.

I have been carrying a Kadai to work everyday … A friend is supposed to pick it up, but since I do not have a proper seat at work.. I have been carrying it around like a talisman for a week or so now 🙂

It is tough to be relentlessly cheerful and I am irritating myself being so.

Oh well! tomorrow is another


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