Precocious Child

Remember the movie Avatar? I remember having seen the movie with my colleagues and friends from work. way back when it was released. There is this scene where the N’avi heroine and our hero make love under the sacred tree or whatever.

Now what I also remember is my friend laughing her head off over that scene and reading some rather snide reviews about it. But for the life of me, I could not remember the scene.

Yesterday Avatar was part of the list of movies being shown in the flight and I was rather eager to see this scene.

Mine was the aisle seat and the 2 seats next to me was taken up by a dad and his 1.5 year old daughter

The child was sitting next to me, chewing the head phone wire and torturing, what was apparently, a much loved doll and the dad was in his own world.

I was seeing Avatar and the movie was just entering the love scene and I was eagerly waiting for it, when suddenly I felt a small hand on my shoulder.  The kid had suddenly tottered up to me, and was standing there on her seat, catching me and was staring at my TV and babbling away to glory.

I was soooo embarrassed, what would her father think if he peeked in and see what she was seeing? So tried to change her attention to something else. But nope, I don’t know what she understood, but she would not move from my monitor. I gave up and fast forwarded the movie. Weirdly enough, once that scene was complete she seemed to totally lost interest and went back to chewing her headphone and torturing her doll,

Well dear gal! I am totally for Sex ed, but this is way too precocious 😛 

And the end result.. I never did get to see what was so funny.. sigh!


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