A night (and day) in Toronto

Not having really stayed alone at a hotel ever, it was something new and exciting for me to stay at a hotel suite 17 floors above one of the most exciting cities in Canada.
View from my suite
But as the time ticked on I could still not feel the movement of time. Why? Well! what can you expect when the sun is shining bright and shiny at 9 PM? I suddenly realized the time and understood why I was feeling so sleepy. So I snuggled down into my darkened room.

At around 3.50 AM I got up feeling cold and came out to my living room. Oh My God! you have to see it to believe, just how absolutely beautiful the city looks at night.

I just stood and stared for quite a while absorbing the scene and shivering.

And soon it was time to start a new day afresh. Went to open a bank account and what do you know, the personnel there helping me was using screens that I had personally made changes to. It was so exciting for me to see my code being used live and the personnel was equally thrilled at my knowledge of their system that I was introduced to the bank managers there 🙂

The city hall here has a huge open area  in front of it and a big pool with a fountain. This place is used for concerts and such and they were removing the tents that were put up  for a jazz concert that was conducted on Canada day. The pool apparently gets frozen during winter and is used for ice skating. I am shoring up my courage to try my hands on that, come winter.

So far I have met some very interesting and very friendly people. But I am missing something that I never even dreamt I would miss. Speaking in Tamil! I am desperately grabbing any chance to speak in Tamil or atleast Tanglish without any Rsss to be rolled.

And so here I sit on a beautiful Tuesday evening watching the sun showing no signs of going away… Feeling at one with my world

Edited to Add: My mobile camera is not able to do justice 😦


2 comments on “A night (and day) in Toronto

  1. LLT says:

    Wow Babe!The pics look awesome. You must start writing more now with what happens there… And Im assuming you meant 3.50AM.

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