Chinna Chinna Aasai

  • I remember my dad/ uncles speaking of trams in their time and then got to see it in Madrasapattinam movie. You know, those buses that run on train tracks. I thought it was a rather cool (even if slow) way of travelling.

Well! here I am with a chance to actually travel in it.

Toronto has streetcars, which is our good old tram, but much faster. Cool huh?!


  • Its been a life long wish to visit Europe. I dream of it, plan it, think about it all the time. My transit was at Frankfurt and when I set my eyes on the city thro the flight window for the first time, my immediate thought was.. Yayy! I am at last setting my foot on Europe, even if its only 1.5 hours 🙂

Looks like my chinna chinna aasai getting fulfilled 🙂


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