The week that was

Home for the foreseeable future is almost right below the CN Towers. Its slightly cramped, more than slightly dirty.. but like Juhi sez  “Teda hai par mera hai”. I will probably end up doing all the cleaning.. the clean freak that I am.

It was a quiet week with small accomplishments and new friends. Went down the underground concourse to the eatery and came back without losing my way and had a nice glow going for 2 days.

[There is 16 KM sq area under downtown Toronto which is filled with paths and shops and subway trains etc. Its almost a city by itself and very easy to get lost. It also goes three to four floors under the ground. Its great fun]
Found an apartment to stay and moved into it.

Friends have been soooooooooooooooo kind to me that I am totally overwhelmed. A lady who I had met hardly 10 days ago, kindly took me home for dinner and fed me so much indian food that I nearly burst. And what exotic ones.. even for me *Yumm*.

RJ took me out the whole day yesterday shopping stuff for me to move in. Others have been showing me how to go to places

Trying to pass on the Karma by helping out folks who came in later than I

I once told RJ that strangers are friends that I am yet to meet, and *touch wood* it has been coming true for me.

I have been carrying a Kadai to work everyday … A friend is supposed to pick it up, but since I do not have a proper seat at work.. I have been carrying it around like a talisman for a week or so now 🙂

It is tough to be relentlessly cheerful and I am irritating myself being so.

Oh well! tomorrow is another



I feel so superior .. looking down my nose at these mortals.

Its 34-35 Celsius and everyone says they are dying out here of heat. Coming from Chennai, I was asking these folks why they haven’t gone out fishing on this fine weather and I get astounded looks and comments on how very very hot it is.

Hah! we had almost 45 Celsius in Chennai this summer and we went to work in that heat and here 35 is so hot that its the main headlines in every news paper and channel.

Oh well! its expected to rain and be breezy and I have no umbrella and have no idea how to dress for that or I should say no appropriate dress for rain. Tomorrow promises to be another interesting day then

Here is a foto taken from my 17th floor suite balcony

A night (and day) in Toronto

Not having really stayed alone at a hotel ever, it was something new and exciting for me to stay at a hotel suite 17 floors above one of the most exciting cities in Canada.
View from my suite
But as the time ticked on I could still not feel the movement of time. Why? Well! what can you expect when the sun is shining bright and shiny at 9 PM? I suddenly realized the time and understood why I was feeling so sleepy. So I snuggled down into my darkened room.

At around 3.50 AM I got up feeling cold and came out to my living room. Oh My God! you have to see it to believe, just how absolutely beautiful the city looks at night.

I just stood and stared for quite a while absorbing the scene and shivering.

And soon it was time to start a new day afresh. Went to open a bank account and what do you know, the personnel there helping me was using screens that I had personally made changes to. It was so exciting for me to see my code being used live and the personnel was equally thrilled at my knowledge of their system that I was introduced to the bank managers there 🙂

The city hall here has a huge open area  in front of it and a big pool with a fountain. This place is used for concerts and such and they were removing the tents that were put up  for a jazz concert that was conducted on Canada day. The pool apparently gets frozen during winter and is used for ice skating. I am shoring up my courage to try my hands on that, come winter.

So far I have met some very interesting and very friendly people. But I am missing something that I never even dreamt I would miss. Speaking in Tamil! I am desperately grabbing any chance to speak in Tamil or atleast Tanglish without any Rsss to be rolled.

And so here I sit on a beautiful Tuesday evening watching the sun showing no signs of going away… Feeling at one with my world

Edited to Add: My mobile camera is not able to do justice 😦

Precocious Child

Remember the movie Avatar? I remember having seen the movie with my colleagues and friends from work. way back when it was released. There is this scene where the N’avi heroine and our hero make love under the sacred tree or whatever.

Now what I also remember is my friend laughing her head off over that scene and reading some rather snide reviews about it. But for the life of me, I could not remember the scene.

Yesterday Avatar was part of the list of movies being shown in the flight and I was rather eager to see this scene.

Mine was the aisle seat and the 2 seats next to me was taken up by a dad and his 1.5 year old daughter

The child was sitting next to me, chewing the head phone wire and torturing, what was apparently, a much loved doll and the dad was in his own world.

I was seeing Avatar and the movie was just entering the love scene and I was eagerly waiting for it, when suddenly I felt a small hand on my shoulder.  The kid had suddenly tottered up to me, and was standing there on her seat, catching me and was staring at my TV and babbling away to glory.

I was soooo embarrassed, what would her father think if he peeked in and see what she was seeing? So tried to change her attention to something else. But nope, I don’t know what she understood, but she would not move from my monitor. I gave up and fast forwarded the movie. Weirdly enough, once that scene was complete she seemed to totally lost interest and went back to chewing her headphone and torturing her doll,

Well dear gal! I am totally for Sex ed, but this is way too precocious 😛 

And the end result.. I never did get to see what was so funny.. sigh!

Chinna Chinna Aasai

  • I remember my dad/ uncles speaking of trams in their time and then got to see it in Madrasapattinam movie. You know, those buses that run on train tracks. I thought it was a rather cool (even if slow) way of travelling.

Well! here I am with a chance to actually travel in it.

Toronto has streetcars, which is our good old tram, but much faster. Cool huh?!


  • Its been a life long wish to visit Europe. I dream of it, plan it, think about it all the time. My transit was at Frankfurt and when I set my eyes on the city thro the flight window for the first time, my immediate thought was.. Yayy! I am at last setting my foot on Europe, even if its only 1.5 hours 🙂

Looks like my chinna chinna aasai getting fulfilled 🙂


Hiya .. Welcome to my world.

Have been in the blogging world for over 7 years, and I have become addicted.

But my old blog had outlived its use and it was time for a new start all around.

Hope to see a lot more of you all here, to share my views and life with.

Ciao 🙂